Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED)

Can Porn Be A Cause Of Sexual Dysfunction?

In April 2016, The Time magazine published an article talking about young men fighting back against pornography. These men were fighting back not because of a moral reason, but because pornography was literally ruining their sex life. In a recent study, we learned that over one-third of men ages 20 to 30 are experiencing porn induced erectile dysfunction and these numbers are only rising.

The question is how is pornography, this seemingly harmless private thing, leading to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is being caused by pornography's incorrect depiction of sex. When a man chooses to watch pornography, they jump quickly pass the foreplay part of sex. The excitement rises quickly yet wears off as the novelty begins to fade. Individuals quickly switch from video to video adding more and more virtual people into their bed and more and more perverted levels of pornography in order to overcome this fading novelty.

Yet, when an individual has healthy sex this sex begins hours if not days before. Healthy sex is about connection. It is about an individual outside of yourself. It is a slow rise to an even higher peak.

The cost for pornography induced erectile dysfunction is the difference between their two views of sex. When an individual goes watch pornography reaches a stage where they are about to have sex with the real life partner. It's not enough of it.

Sex with one person is not what their brain thinks sex is. This leads to mental erectile dysfunction. In order to combat loss, we must begin to view sex in the right light. We must keep ourselves rejected flying others and making sex into a selfish act. We need to keep sex connection based on your partner - person with feelings and emotions. When sex becomes about connection, we can heal from this play your pornography and we can win the fight against lust.

6 Reasons Of Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Let's talk about the reasons and the signs that you may need to reboot your brain's pleasure center. This has to do with an overuse your penis. It is nothing wrong with masturbation, but with a lot of high-speed porn, it could be overdone. All this can lead to a sexual problem with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or whatever it may be caused by over masturbation due to porn.

Painful Sensations in Penis

The first thing that we want to look at is painful sensations in penis due to too much friction. The bottom line is too much - that might indicate an issue with that.


The next thing is edging. Edging is getting close to a climax but not actually climaxing. A lot of guys will naturally do this with porn. People go for hours every night or every day. Actually, some people think that it's better to edge than it is to actually climax with porn because it does less damage or it is less draining. However, the opposite is true.

Since it prolongs is kind of state in the brain it actually messes up the pleasure centers of the brain even more than just having a quick masturbation act. If you are doing a lot of edging, it is a sign that porn can be causing you a problem that could be resulting in an erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation.

Do Not Feel Much In Normal Intercourse

The third thing to look for is you do not feel much in a normal intercourse. After hours of a death grip on their penis and hundreds of these hotties on a screen, the brain's pleasure centers no longer respond to a normal sex with their partner.

You may not be aware of it, you may still think": Oh, this one is beautiful, but things don't work". And they don't work because they don't feel much because of the desensitization. The desensitization really affects a normal intercourse because it's just so kind of not a turn-on to the brain at all. You just may not feel anything.

People say:” I got a numb penis, I don't feel anything, I don't even want to be here."

Commonly, a guy will be with a woman for a while and then he'll go off to masturbate on his own because that's the only thing that can pleasure him.

Few Waking Erections

Normally a guy, any man past puberty will have frequent erections during sleep. So, when you wake up, especially from a dream sleep, you'll have an erection. That is what guys call a morning wood, sometimes nocturnal erections, waking elections.

However, if you are overusing porn and overdoing it then you may have no morning erections at all or very few of them. Once you get things back into balance, you'll have morning erections all the time because it is normal.

Unusual Sex Tastes

It is not necessarily a bad thing on its own. However, heavy porn watchers may notice new sex tastes developing like foot fetish, BDSM, etc. Or guys have developed a feeling like "Oh, I might be gay" and have frequent thoughts of being gay even though they do not really think they are gays.

All these things are not bad on their own, but what happens is when a normal stimulation stops being enough and when we escalate what gets us off, it causes desensitization.

Difficult Climaxing With a Partner

The last one is a difficulty climaxing with a partner. Sometimes it can be because we are not very interested in a sex partner. When you are not able to actually have an orgasm inside of a woman, you have a delayed ejaculation. Basically, it means that it's just not it to your brain, it just does not stimulate you anymore.

This is not anything to do with your fault because what happens is the big drug companies and the media have just completely created a conspiracy. And it is not just against men, it is against women because it breaks relationships apart, it breaks up couples who are in great relationships.

Once you get over this which you will find that you have this amazing ability to form these connecting relationships with your women that you never even dreamed possible.

And it is not just about sensitivity and about having great sex again. It is also about making this incredible connection with your women.

It is the deepest connection possible in the deepest way a romantic love way. Your whole life turns around and you start developing a very masculine drive. You are going to do more things than you've ever thought possible achieving, more in your life outside of the realm of the bedroom but in the realm of business and achievement accomplishment.

You will find that you can direct your good drive into accomplishing more with better focus.

If you do not have a partner and you get on down this road you are going to find that women start looking at you like with just you know you just have this magnetism already.