Levitra – Are There Natural Alternatives?

There are a few things that we need to cover in this article that might seem a simple one to write and that seem like a simple thing to answer (the question from the title of the article, that is). However, things are much more complicated and we need to touch upon a number of different aspects and avenues here in order to give a comprehensive answer.

First of all, one needs to answer that when we talk about natural alternatives to Levitra, we are talking about products that were around long before Levitra came out as a pharmaceutical drug in 2003. The ingredients found in these natural pills for erectile dysfunction have been around and have been utilized by men with erectile dysfunction for centuries. And it was only logical that the manufacturers of these products would find this new medication an intrusion on their feeding ground.

Of course, this is often used as a marketing strategy by the manufacturers and the advertisers of the natural products, the fact that their products (or some similar formulation) have been used for a long time as opposed to Levitra who has just recently come out. Another strategy that they use is that their products are completely natural and as such, completely safe, while Levitra is not. In fact, when you listen to this and when you read these claims, it becomes very difficult to actually choose Levitra.

Or at least it would be if not for one very small detail that turns out to be crucial. Natural pills and other supplements for erectile dysfunction do not work. It is truly as simple as that. There is not a single one of these products or even an ingredient found in these products that have been clinically tried and tested by independent bodies or agencies and that has been shown to be effective. Sure, some of these ingredients might have some beneficial effects on the circulation or on the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, but none of them can address the underlying physiological issue behind erectile dysfunction, nor can they reproduce the effects of Levitra.

And that is how we come to the burning issue here, the safety of these two options. On one hand, you have Levitra, a pharmaceutical drug that is not natural and that can produce certain adverse effects in some people. Levitra lists these possible adverse effects and the manufacturer warns the potential users of all of these. On the other hand, you have these natural products that are safe and should, therefore, be entirely safe. The only problem is that not everything that is natural is safe. For instance, ephedrine, perfectly natural, turned out to be extremely dangerous. Also, one needs to understand that the manufacturers of these natural products are not overseen by the FDA, which has resulted in a number of these products containing ingredients that were not listed.