There is alot of information floating in people's mind which is been there by some blogs and forums who only want to promote the product neither provide any true information. Here we would help to clear some of the most common ones.

Myth: When a man uses Levitra it helps him become sexually stimulated or aroused.
Truth:Levitra only helps with an erection and does not makes the man sexually stimulated or aroused. That should come from some where else.

Myth: Levitra gives instant erection immediately after it is taken.
Truth:The length of time after taking Levitra, sexual arousal, and then obtaining an erection varies from patient to patient. On average after the previous conditions are met, it takes 16 to 60 minutes to obtain an erection.

Myth: I can take Levitra once for sexual intercourse several times.
Truth: Levitra will help maintain an erection once per dose and lasts for one successful session of sexual intercourse.

Myth: Womens can also take Levitra.
Truth: Absolutely false. The medication Levitra is intended only for men and prescribed only for men.

Myth: When using Levitra your partner cannot become pregnant or with child.
Truth: No!, Any dosage of Levitra does not in any way or form serve as birth control. In other words it is not a contraceptive drug.

Myth: Sexually transmitted diseases( STDs) cannot be passed on while using Levitra.
Truth:Levitra helps with erectile dysfunctionality only and will not prevent or treat any STD’s.

Myth: When using Levitra, it may be taken with any kind of other drugs or alcohol successfully.
Truth: Alcohol should be avoided when taking Levitra and nitrates can be very dangerous when interacting with the chemicals from this medication. Always let your doctor know of any medications you are taking when obtaining a prescription. read more about.

Myth: Levitra is better than Viagra or Cialis, other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.
Truth:This is a little more complicated as your mileage may vary depending on your body. Each medication has its own mechanisms, side effects, and may differ in how it works in your unique body. The best bet is, you got it, your doctor!

Myth: Levitra is best taken on an empty stomach.
Truth: Levitra can be taken with food and per the directions of your doctor. Again we would like to reiterate that your medical professional, not some Web site (even this one) should be used for final advice. Hence the disclaimer below.