Erectile Dysfunction – A lucid overview

The MMAS (Massachusetts Male Aging Study) has been incessantly working to understand the entire notion of erectile dysfunction, its causes, its consequence and the inclusive pattern.

Difference between Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Before understanding erectile dysfunction, one has to be aware of the fact that there exists a difference between erectile dysfunction and impotence. In fact, it was the MMAS who coined the term erectile dysfunction which was otherwise known as impotence in a broad and a thoughtless way. Erectile dysfunction is the disorder that caters to the inadequacy of erection that prevents satisfactory sexual intercourse for at least 6 month's duration. On the other hand, impotence is just one type of erectile dysfunction. One suffering from erectile dysfunction might be unable to have a satisfactory erection. However, one who is considered to be an impotent is unable to have an erection or doesn't even wish to. This underlying difference separates one from the other.

Measurement of Erectile Dysfunction and its Status

There is a scale known as the IIEF-5 (International Index of Erectile Dysfunction) scale which is a measuring tool to gauge how gravely the disorder has affected you. There are five questions based on which you fall in a particular category to understand the epidemiology. The classification is in correspondence with the National Institute of Health guidelines.

Viagra – The dawn of Sexual Renaissance

When this tiny pill in a packet was introduced, it made news headlines and even more than that. Every man who consumed it and who did not could feel the "Viagra Effect". While more than a million men demanded it within a year and may be the count might be more as many were hesitant unlike the scenario today.

Dr. Brok who is a skilled physician says "The effect or rather the positive effect of Viagra is apparent from the testimonial that I am receiving from the people. There has never been a pill or such an effective pill introduced to treat erectile dysfunction."

Sildenafil Citrate – The vital chemical in Viagra

Sildenafil Citrate is the chief chemical that is imparted in the anti-impotence drug Viagra that enables one to have a satisfactory erection without any apprehension. Sildenafil falls in the class of the PDE-5 inhibitors that is the chemical name of Viagra. While Pfizer Inc introduced Viagra impressively in the year of 1998, it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) adding to the trust factor.

"Nothing is impossible. The word impossible itself says I am possible" is what we all have heard and felt invigorated. Generic Viagra proved to be one such pill that made the impossible possible by curing erectile dysfunction. It gave a new outlook to the entire concept of sexual dysfunction as it first and foremost erased the impression that erectile dysfunction is incurable. As a knight in the shining armor, Generic Viagra has embraced men suffering from erectile dysfunction by enhancing and envisaging their optimism.

From being introduced with the purpose to combat high blood pressure and chest pain, the clinical studies stumbled upon that it could be the chemical that could effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Besides bestowing you the ability to have healthy and hard erections, Viagra Blue Pill also has been consumed by many as a healthful and a wholesome pill to treat various other disorders.

Viagra is consumed by men suffering from PAH also known as Pulmonary Hypertension as it can elevate the blood flow to the right ventricle of the heart which can demote the chance of one suffering from heart diseases. Though the consumption is prohibited for children but in certain circumstances it has been having affirmative responses in children who suffer from lung disorders and also children who suffer from congenital health problems. After this effect being noticed and considered, there was a specifically designed Viagra for the children to lend a helping hand.

Viagra magic pill has also been often used by the mountaineers who have altitude sickness. Vasospastic attacks that are commonly experienced by someone suffering from Raynaud's Syndrome have a heavy toll on one. Generic Viagra is consumed by those patients as it has positive effects in them to an extent. Ones suffering from multiple sclerosis can also consume this pill according to a study in Auburn University. A few women with conceiving problems have also been able to achieve pregnancy with Generic Viagra as it can enhance blood circulation to the uterus. One who feels blue due to the complications that are caused by the Alzheimer's disease has also been able to have some beneficial consequences after gulping Generic Viagra.

Safety and Quality is its Priority

Every pill has its own USP and certain best features that distinguish it from the rest. Generic Viagra has been known for its supreme quality that is being ensured without any compromise on its quality. While customer contentment has been its priority, it has even ventured into an online pharmacy. Anyone who wishes to purchase Viagra can order it online at ease where there is no place for embarrassment. You have your privacy with things getting easier than never before. One is free to avail any dosage by buying online according to one's own requirement that might include Viagra 100 mg or Viagra 50mg. By proving to be pill within the means of a common man, it serves your needs. One can buy Generic Viagra online after having an insight which is unattainable when bought in any pharmacy.

Get into the mood with Generic Viagra

Sex might be a humdrum once it is not up to the expectation. Disappointment and embarrassment due to erectile dysfunction can make sex seem unexciting. With Generic Viagra, you can once again add zing and bedroom is no more filled with boredom. It acts as a channel for an enchanting communication where your flaws are long forgotten. By intensifying your blood flow, the penetration is pleasing. Also since Generic Viagra is not as expensive as the branded counterparts, you need not restrain your desires. Though Generic Viagra has been the parent pill, there are a few other versions available online including Eriacta, Kamagra, Penegra, with which you can examine and experiment. Also, you can get Viagra Trial Pack, which is offered in combinations of all the assorted generic drugs, as every consumer have their own different taste in choosing the desired ED cure.

Generic Viagra has been one pill that has been synonymous with the victory by granting vigor. By being the foremost pill in the history of the treatment for erectile dysfunction, it surely has a long way to go…