Erectile dysfunction: Is it all in your head?

In the age of cure all ills, there seems to be a pill for anything and everything. Mixed opinions exist between those who say we just finally found good drugs and those who state that many drugs have no use but its own prescription.

Viagra, Levitra and other erectile dysfunction medications offer to cure the symptoms of ED through the chemical changes the drug can make in the body. That is fine, but there is another cause of ED going unnoticed. posted a piece of info about the psychological effects on the erection capability of an average male. There is a little bit of irony as it relates to the psychosis surrounding erectile dysfunction. Supposing you are a man who is anxious about how he is going to perform because he is worried that he will not – finds out he cannot, which leads to more anxiety. Is there a way out?

Mind over matter

Anxiety is not the only psychological condition that results in ED. There are others, though they are on the same spectrum of the light wheel as anxiety. Depression, which has many forms (MDD – major depressive disorder) Manic Depression and mood disorders is certainly capable of taming an erection, while low self esteem and stress can do the damage as well. As the article states, the easy part of treating impotence is to add a Levitra or Viagra (Sildenafil) and wham, no more problem.

Is the symptom, not the cure

Yes treating ED with a PDE5 inhibitor (these ED drugs) works, but that is simply a subduing of symptoms temporarily. Stress has been proven to damage the human physique, whether it is heart disease, stroke, ED, hypertension. A fully erect person with Social Anxiety about the whole thing finds no cure, just temporary action.

A pleasant chain reaction can occur because of what calls the “authentic treatments”, namely Viagra, Levitra. Supposing your confidence was low due to your erectile dysfunction. If you were able to take a pill and end that, you would then feel the willpower to continue solving your ED problems for sure.

As a reminder, ED is the inability for blood vessel relaxation, which increases blood flow to the penis. Levitra and the others simply instigate the process of relaxation, but the body is still the entity that is acting. So, when you are considering ED treatment, consider all treatments, including psychology.

Health – Brain Function and Pornography

The brain functions in many ways, but it is important to make sure that you are not disrupting the processes. Some men are so sexually active that they need to look at pornography in order to feel better about their life. Sometimes this is a result of the way they grew up and sometimes this is a result of society in general. Either way, pornography is a huge reason why there is so much erectile dysfunction in men at such a young age. It is a good idea for you to get the pornography completely out of your head as soon as possible and you’ll have a much better connection in the end.

Porn and Brain Function

Getting over your pornography addiction can be a difficult task. Many of the most dedicated men are unable to become erect without porn because they have spent so much of their time desensitizing themselves to this type of problem. At the end of the day, it is important for you to attack the problem head on and cut out the porn altogether.

You will quickly find that cutting out porn is easier than it seems. Even though you can get away with looking at porn and still having a girlfriend or partner at the same time, the amount of pleasure that you have with your partner will decrease as you look at porn. The more that you do with your partner in order to get aroused, the harder it will become. The pornography is made by professionals with a lot of money and your brain is not prepared for this.

In addition, your brain is not prepared for the constant receptors that the pornography brings. The constant dopamine hits that your brain gets when you look at different females on the screen is something that you would have never been able to get in nature. This causes many to look for sexual pleasure in the place where it naturally occurs! It is really a good thing that there are so many men who are getting off of the pornography habit because it is making them a lot healthier.

The large majority of men who are facing erectile dysfunction problems do not realize that they can get over things if they just have the ability to avoid the porn that they are viewing for long enough to get back to being normal and healthy.