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What is Levitra?

Levitra (generic name Vardenafil) is a drug created to treat erectile dysfunction. The active component of Levitra is Vardenafil, which provides an increased blood inflow to a groin area. This drug is prescribed in case of erectile dysfunction, when a person has no erection or if an erection is not steady.

You can buy Levitra 10mg and 20mg pills as well as Levitra Oral Jelly on the market. Each pill contains 10mg or 20 mg of vardenafil hydrochloride.

Levitra gets into the bloodstream very fast after its intake. You can start feeling the drug action just in a quarter of an hour (more often in twenty-five minutes). An effect of one Levitra dosage usually lasts for 4 to 5 hours.

How long does Levitra last?

Levitra 10mg or Levitra 20mg is relatively new ED medication, comparing to Viagra, created in Germany. It is much better than its predecessor drugs by may charaсteristics. Thanks to its unique formula, the amount of Levitra necessary to get the desired result is five times lower, than the quantity of sildenafil required to get the same result. Thus, this medicine is several times more efficient, than its predecessors.

In most cases Levitra acts for around 4 hours (5-6 hours in some cases). The effect gradually decreases in 2 hours.

There is number of factors, which influence the duration pill's action. Some factors increase time of Vardenafil's action:

  • Age over 65 years old.
  • Serious health disorders, such as cirrhosis.
  • Intake of some drugs interacting with Vardenafil.

The positive Levita effect is that erection does not vanish suddenly and abruptly - it decreases gradually after the end of sexual activity. Thus, everything occurs quite naturally. Levitra pills can help men with various types of erectile dysfunction no matter of age. Levitra can be equally beneficial for men with a weak erection as well as for those with serious erectile dysfunction issues.

Having taken the first dosage of Levitra, a man feels absolutely healthy to have a sexual intercourse. One more advantage of the drug is that you do not have to increase its dosage to maintain a positive result of treatment. The dosage even has to be reduced sometimes, which does not harm positive results. You can use Levitra for several years because the drug is harmless and doesn't cause addiction. The drug has a very small list of contraindications and it is almost safe in terms of overdose.

Generic Levitra 20mg is the largest single dosage of Vardenafil you can get on the market. Usually, doctors recommend starting with a smaller dosage, for example, Levitra 10mg or even Levitra 5mg.

How does Levitra work?

There are a lot of drugs for men to treat erectile dysfunction on the market today. Why should you try Levitra? Is Levitra better than Viagra or Cialis? Where to buy Levitra over the counter? What are Levitra drawbacks? Let's find out all answers to all these questions.

A certain amount of nitrogen oxide should be present in a penis to provide a healthy erection. Levitra helps to release muscles of walls of blood vessels, thus providing a cavernous body of a penis to be covered with blood. Vardenafil controls the amount of nitrogen oxide in a certain body area. As soon as the brain receives an excitement signal, Levitra increases the amount of nitrogen oxide to provide normal conditions for an erection.

Levitra starts to act very quickly, usually in just a quarter of an hour, sometimes in twenty-five minutes. It can be called "the sexual ambulance" with confidence. Its action usually lasts for four to five hours. It may seem not too long, but it is quite sufficient to satisfy an ardent passion.

So, why buying Levitra, if there are ED drugs lasting for about one and a half days in a row? The matter is that Levitra can help those men, who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes mellitus, obesity or a severe form of hypertension. Sadly, more and more men suffer from such disorders, and not all ED drugs can help in this case. Besides, according to some scientific researches, Levitra acts more potent than other known ED medications. That is why Levitra is effective when other drugs are powerless to help.

Levitra has a rather high efficiency. According to data from the drug's clinical tests, an average dosage of Levitra has improved or maintained an erection for 90% of men aged from twenty to seventy-seven years.

The other great advantage of Levitra is the fact, that it can be taken together with alcohol. It will not influence the effect of the drug.

Levitra has also other advantages: very rare side effects. Other ED drugs often cause headaches, temporary daltonism or a lack of coordination.

If you decided to get Levitra to treat erectile dysfunction or just use it to improve your erection, try to be wise when buying Levitra online. You should choose an online pharmacy very thoroughly in order to avoid ordering fake drugs. Avoid buying Levitra from drugstores, where price is too cheap. The product of great quality cannot cost cheap.

You can also buy generic Levitra. It is the same drug as Levitra brand, but several times cheaper. A generic name for Levitra is Vardenafil, which is the drug's active component. Usually, you can order generic Levitra online without prescription. However, you should still check the reputation of a pharmacy and reviews. There are a lot of international pharmacies from India, for instance, that sell medications of a high quality.

Levitra dosage instructions - How to take Levitra?

Levitra Oral Jelly

Take Levitra Oral Jelly with or without food. It is recommended to hold the drug under the tongue before its full dissolution. Unpack Levitra Oral Jelly just before its intake. Take the drug 25-60 minutes before your sexual activity to achieve the necessary effect. You can also take Levitra Jelly 4-6 hours before sexual activity considering the drug's time of action. Remember, that sexual stimulation is necessary to get a steady erection after Vardenafil intake.

You doctor should prescribe the dosage of Levitra, which is right for you. As a rule, it is enough for Levitra Oral Jelly to start acting after you take 1 pill. The maximum recommended dosage of the drug is Levitra 20mg as a single dosage.

Levitra pills

Swallow Levitra pill entirely, washing it down with a glass of water. Take generic Levitra pill with or without water 25-60 minutes before expected sexual activity. You can also take Levitra pill 4-6 hours before sex, considering the time of drug's action. You need to have sexual stimulation in order for Levitra to start working.

It is recommended to take Levitra 10mg as an initial dosage. Depending on the efficiency and tolerance of the drug, the single Vardenafil dosage can be increased to 20 mg or lowered to 5 mg. Avoid taking generic Levitra more than 1 time a day.
Take Levitra 5mg as an initial dosage if you have kidney disorder.
People of advanced age should also take 5 mg of Levitra.

Levitra side effects

Usually, men do not feel any inconveniences or undesirable side effects when taking Levitra. Possible side effects are so weak in most cases that do not bring any inconveniences. You should also consider a possible individual reaction to the drug, which can take place in certain cases. That is why it is recommended to take the lowest possible dosage to check your individual reaction to Levitra.

The most widespread side effects of Levitra are headaches, blurred vision, lack of movement coordination, slackness, muscle tension to side. Digestion disorders, such as vomiting, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea are also possible.

The following adverse reaction is also possible during Levitra treatment: reddening of cheeks, an increase in blood pressure, cardiac disorders, ischemic manifestations. Сommon allergic reactions to the drug are laryngeal edema and various anaphylactic reactions. There were cases of photosensitization reported in a small group of men after Levitra intake. Treatment with Levitra may cause muscular pains, unpleasant feelings in the waist, increase in a quantity of creatine kinase. Levitra can cause priapism in rare cases. The increase in intraocular pressure and glaucoma are also very rare side effects of Vardenafil.
Levitra is a directed action drug, that is why a quantity of side effects is very low. Vardenafil has no system influence.

The complete list of possible side effects

The following side effects of Vardenafil were noted in clinical and post-marketing researches:

    Nervous system: spasms, sleep disorder, dizziness, paresthesias, memory disorders, drowsiness, increased fatigue, headache.
    Blood vessels, heart and blood system: vasodilatation, stenocardia attack, ischemia of a cardiac muscle, unstable arterial pressure.
    Respiratory system: rhinorrhea, rhinedema.
    Digestive tract: vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, pain in an abdominal area, an increase in liver enzymes activity, nausea. Besides, development of gastroesophageal reflux and gastritis is possible.
    Sight: conjunctivitis, decrease in visual acuity, photophobia, increase of intraocular pressure, color perception disorders.
    Allergic reactions: hives, angioedema, acute anaphylaxis, bronchospasm.
    Other: back pain, increase muscles tone. Development of prolonged erection and priapism is also possible, which can lead to penis tissues damage and long-term erectile dysfunction disorder.

Several cases of heart attacks were noted in patients with cardiovascular system disorders after Levitra intake. However, it is not known for sure what was the reason for a heart attack: Levitra action or sexual activity.

Risk group people can experience the possible development of vision disorders up to sight loss (temporary or constant) after Vardenafil intake. However, it is not known precisely whether it is a reaction to Vardenafil alone or in combination with other factors. Contact your doctor if your experience undesirable side effects, including priapism or prolonged erection, after you took Levitra generic.


Avoid taking Levitra if you have an individual intolerance to Vardenafil or other components of the drug.
You should also avoid taking Levitra if you currently have a treatment with medications containing nitrates.
Women and children should not take Vardenafil.

Avoid taking the drug if a sexual activity is contraindicated to you (men with recent myocardial infarction and apoplectic seizure, men suffering from pressed arterial hypertension, arterial hypotonia, and unstable stenocardia).

Take Levitra with caution if you have aorta stenosis, obstruction of the left ventricle, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis and prolongation of QT interval (including people with congenital long QT interval and people taking drugs extending QT interval).

You should also be careful taking Levitra if you have a high risk of priapism development, including people with anatomic deformation of a penis, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie's disease, multiple myeloma, and leukemia.

Be cautious taking the drug if you have kidney or liver disorders, degenerative disorders of the retina, peptic ulcer of duodenum and stomach as well as Crohn's disease.

Avoid using Levitra if you have penis curvature, some disorders in blood composition as well as if you are predisposed to hemorrhages.
Do not take Levitra together with drugs containing isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin, nitrogen dioxides. You should also avoid using Levitra together with HIVs medications.

Levitra overdose

There were no side effects reported after intake of an increased dosage of Levitra (up to 80mg of Vardenafil a day). There were also no reports about a deterioration of Levitra tolerability in case of using 40mg of Vardenafil for one week.

However, there is still a possibility of some adverse reaction development, such as back pain and increased expressiveness of side effects, if Vardenafil is taken in larger dosages than recommended. If you think you took too much of Vardenafil and start experiencing unpleasant side effects, call the ambulance immediately.

Levitra interaction

Vardenafil is processed by a liver. Thus, rather a big list of medications, taken together with Levitra, can affect its action. Therefore, tell your doctor about all prescription and over the counter medications, as well as health supplements and vitamins you are currently taking, before using generic Levitra.

Levitra can interact with such drugs as Itraconazole, Nizoral, Cimetidine, Indinavir. It is recommended to adjust the dosage of these drugs as well as take maximum 5 mg of Levitra a day.

Limit your Levitra dosage to 10mg a day if you are going to use it along with erythromycin.
Avoid using Levitra with drugs containing nitrates as well as with alpha adrenoceptors blockers. Such a combination is dangerous because of a possible sudden decrease of arterial pressure. Minimum 6 six hours should pass after intake of such drugs before taking Levitra (the dosage of 5mg is recommended).

It is allowed to take Levitra together with Warfarin, Nifedipine or Digoxin. There were no side effects reported after simultaneous intake of such drugs and Vardenafil.
You can also take Levitra with Aspirin, beta Adreno blockers, Captopril, Enalapril, diuretic drugs and natural supplements.
Avoid using Levitra together with other ED medications, such as Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc.

How long does Levitra stay in your system?

The average time of Vardenafil release from your system is 17 hours. The drug is withdrawn from your body with feces (61%) and urine (36%).

Men of advanced age (65 years and more) have a lower speed of vardenafil withdrawal from a body, which is expressed in an increased concentration of the drug in blood (on 25%) in comparison with men aged from 19 to 45 years old. This distinction is not significant and does not demand individual dosage.

People suffering from diabetes mellitus have a decreased concentration of Vardenafil in blood by 19% compared to healthy men. This distinction is also not significant and does not require adjusting a dosage individually.

How long does it take for Levitra to start working?

The maximum level of drug in the blood is observed in an hour after its intake. A body uses about fifteen percent of the active component (Vardenafil). Avoid taking the drug with fat food, as the effect of the drug will come later and it will stay longer in your blood drug. Thus, the maximum quantity of Vardenafil in blood will also be about twenty percent lower, but its efficiency will not suffer from it. Taking Levitra with other types of meals apart from fat does not influence the drug's action in any way. The drug does not stay long in your system and is quickly released from your body.

Consult with your attending physician before buying Levitra online or at your local pharmacy.

Brand Levitra

There are a lot of fake drugs today on the market. Typically, two types of drugs are forged: cheap drugs, which are in an increased demand by people with a low income, or expensive widely used drugs. Levitra is a highly demanded drug, that is why it is easy to buy Levitra, which is also fake.

How to distinguish a counterfeit drug from the original? For the first, pay attention to the pharmacy where are you going to buy the drug. It is especially important if we talk about buying Levitra online. There are a lot of pharmacy websites with a doubtful reputation (low to zero reviews or even with highly negative reviews). That is why we recommend you to order Levitra over the counter from our partner Indian pharmacy, which has recommended itself as a reliable distributor of qualitative medications from top Indian manufacturers.

You should also avoid pharmacies with very cheap Levitra prices. Of course, generic Levitra is much cheaper than Brand Levitra. However, it can't be extremely cheap with prices 10-20 times lower than the brand medication. Avoid pharmacies with offers like "Levitra on sale", because, as you know, drugs are not the kind of merchandise to be on sale or to have seasonal discounts. Cost of Levitra, as well as a price any other medication, is relatively stable for all seasons.

Nevertheless, you can pay attention to so-called "Levitra coupons". A lot of online pharmacies offers Levita coupons as a part of their advertising and marketing campaigns simply to boost sales. So, it is a great opportunity for you to get discount Levitra pills.

Usually, you can't buy Levitra without prescription from a local drugstore or online pharmacy in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and in EU. However, you can order generic Levitra from Indian pharmacies with no prescription required. Buying generic Levitra from an international pharmacy doesn't mean you are going to get a drug of a low quality! India is one of the major manufacturers of medications in the world. Most brand drugs you are purchasing with a prescription in your country are manufactured in India. That is why you only have to find a reliable Indian online drugstore and order generic Levitra over the counter, which does not contradict with Indian laws. We recommend you to check this pharmacy for Levitra, Viagra, Cialis or other ED drugs.

Does Levitra work without excitement?

Many people consider that vardenafil works without excitement, supporting constant erection. However, they are wrong. Levitra is not an aphrodisiac. Chemical substances providing an erection for your penis are released only if you are excited.

Levitra review

The drug has proved to be fantastic to get a steady erection for men. Most online forums responses considering Levitra are positive: men praise and recommend Levitra, note a possibility to take the drug with alcohol, no matter or age, even with some cardiovascular diseases.

Most doctors summary about Levitra: Levitra generic of ODT and Brand Levitra from Bayer, Germany, are modern erection regulators, which allow to strengthen natural reaction to a sexual stimulation to the level necessary for penetration and enjoying 100% healthy sexual activity.

Some reviews of Levitra from medical forums:

Guys, if you wish to get yourself rough and unforgettable days off, try Levitra! - you are gonna be stuck with its effect! You'll have hot and long sex and won't get out of bed for the whole day!)))

I've decided to buy Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis trial set and compare all generics. Got the best effect from Levitra, though others were good too. Probably, the effect depends on individual body features. Generally, Levitra is the same as Viagra, but without side effects

Well, if you wish spontaneous sex with the stranger, Levitra is not your choice, it starts acting too late. Get Cialis for fast results! But my choice is Levitra, cause it' milder - I had a headache for the whole day when taking Cialis.

Personally I buy Levita 40 mg and I divide it into two intakes. Works like a charm...

Levitra is the most efficient drug in terms of price/effect/intensity/quality of erection. My grade is A++ !

Generic Vardenafil is an excellent drug! Haven't noticed any difference comparing to the brand. But the price!!! It's several times cheaper and doesn't require a prescription.

Lol, I remember those times when I had to go to my doctor to get a prescription. Forget about it! I've been buying Indian generic Levitra for almost 10 years and was always satisfied with the way it worked.

Almost all our men have noted that Levitra's effect is more potent than of Cialis, but is weaker compared to Viagra. Therefore, if you have erection disorders for a long time, Levitra will be an excellent solution to get rid of erectile dysfunction, since according to many customers it has a very potent medical effect. Levitra has one undeniable advantage - it is the most modern ED drug, which is perfectly compatible with alcohol and has almost no side effects (less than 2% of cases).

Is there a generic for Levitra?

The most widespread generic name for Levitra is Vardenafil – the same as its active ingredient. The easiest and cheapest way to get Levitra generic is to order it from an international online pharmacy. You can buy generic Levitra OTC and receive the drug in a discreet package by mail.

Where to buy Levitra online without prescription?

There are a lot of safe places to buy Levitra online without prescription. The best way is to order the drug from an Indian pharmacy. Cheap prices and great quality of products make Indian pharmacy a great place to purchase Levitra with no prescription.

How much does Levitra cost?

Price of Levitra depends on several factors. For the first, Levitra cost may be different in each pharmacy. Usually, you Levitra is cheaper online than in physical pharmacy. Secondly, the cost of Levitra depends on what kind of drug you are going to buy: brand or generic Levitra. Generics are generally several times cheaper than original drugs. You can save a lot of money buying generic Levitra from a reputable pharmacy online.

Why is Levitra so expensive?

Not everybody can afford to buy Levitra brand from Bayer. It is a really expensive medication, which you can purchase only having a valid prescription. There are a lot of factors influencing the drug price. The main factor is that pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money on a research and marketing. That is why they need to get this money back with a substantial profit. However, people on a tight budget can get generic Levitra over the counter from an online pharmacy, which is several times cheaper than brand.